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Teatime with Jacky Murda

Jan17. 2016 @Kult Kafe

Thank you everyone that came out to our lovely Reggae Teatime - Teatime with Jacky Murda at Kult Kafe on Emily Hill.  It was truly a lovely Sunday afternoon, jerk chicken grilling, people  laughing and the DJs were selecting some choice Roots & Reggae.  
Special thanks to Airmocks for bringing their unique standalone hammocks to our tea party and to the bar staff at Kult Kafe for concocting for meeting our "teatime" challenge and creating an exquisite Chrysanthemum Tea Rum Punch.  
If you loved the musical selection, check out the DJs listed below and click for mixtapes:
Hosted by Masia One
We hope to do more events like this one and always welcoming our Singapura Dub Club community to get involved. If you have an idea or contribution to an upcoming event or would like to volunteer at a Dub Club function, please email us at 
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